The Almighty Truth

The Past, Present, And Future Forever Indeed

A Righteous Believer And Doer


Ultra Savage

The basic definition of a Righteous Believer is any person who believes in any and all righteous principles and ideas from opinions, relative trues, and absolute facts that function such as to work upon one accord without irrational ideological discrepancies and contradictions. A Righteous Believer is not a religion but simply a psychology or ideology for the righteousness of truth. Thus part of the truth applies unto theology and empirical observation as science understand the mental paradoxes between different states of mind, states of faith, or belief systems and their dynamics that existence.

The opposite belief system or ideological of a Righteous Believers is that of an Unrighteous Believer and all of the lies and trickery that such a person advocates against perfect truth and the righteousness thereof. Thus there are only two major categories of ideological divisions of beliefs, and the servants of these faiths, concerning all subjects of the universe thereof. These divisions and believers are to be called Righteous Believers who are for truth or Unrighteous Believers who are for deception against righteousness.

The main theme for the understanding and the desire of Righteous Believers is to seek out all ideas of truth and to establish and maintain the Almighty Truth above and beyond all other ideas of deceptive iniquity and their works thereof. Not only shall Righteous Believers seek out to know the Almighty Truth, but they must do the works thereof such as almighty works of the ultimate and infinite degree of all righteous as it is revealed. This is so because to work for the truth will contradict and throw off all lies of deceptions and their physical works of evil that advocates or allow social problems for others such as homelessness, hunger, genocidal law enforcement against the innocent, and human ignorance of self preservation and personal defensive measures against things like diseases, criminals, and hateful ideologies.

The faith, ideology, and works of Righteous Believers will increase greater and greater in righteousness as more information is acquired as revealed by the Almighty Truth. The Almighty Truth is consistent with the greatest conceptions and most wonderful of expressions of ideas of science, philosophy, spirituality, religion, and art and creativity. The Almighty Truth is not only in me, but in others as well of which I am a witness of observing the finest of things from the universe or phenomenon. The most fantastic and greatest of expression or notions is not only meant to be fulfill by yours truly, the author of these ideas that you all are observing, but to be fulfilled by others also which includes you the readers, listeners, and observers of this expression.