The Almighty Truth

The Past, Present, And Future Forever Indeed

Humanitarian Unity
The Foundational Idea of Indivisible Humanitarian Social Unity Forever
E Pluribus Unum:
At last the faith fulfilled and completed indeed.


Ultra Savage

This basic text is written to inform genuine humanitarians who, in essence, truly desire to simply live in peace in spite of social differences of human diversity. Because of relative feelings and ideas of human existence, emotional and ideological relative opinions will divide and conquer any given group of people who should be united as one against all forms of social supremacy. All true humanitarians must stay united against all forms of political and community injustice concerning human rights, legal equality, mutual human survival, human consideration, and the idea of respect for all members of any social establishment. All members of a social establishment have a right to be free from police, military, and community violence and animosity such as hatred against any given walk of life whose behavior is not physically life threatening or direct psychological harassment against other members of society.

As it can and will be observed or revealed base upon rational understanding, the essential reasons behind social division, (unto social hatred such as unprovoked physical and emotional attacks and animosity between different social groups, communities, and walks of life), is because of the differences of psychological feelings and thoughts in reference to the dynamics of mind between people throughout humanity. Based upon the universal principle of unity, in order for individuals to become upon one accord, they must find a common principle to unite them all upon one accord absolutely in spite of relative differences between themselves. Now if all humans can come together, in unity as one, upon the concept of the Almighty Truth which is based upon universal constants and absolute facts transcending time and space, (even to take into consideration relative facts and opinions consistent with the absolutes of consistent orderly understanding), then mankind will function upon one ideological accord. This one accord will reflect true loving feelings from the Almighty Truth above all other emotional discord of animosity and ideological misperceptions and deception. Deceptive ideas will never be believed in to be true when they are proven, revealed, known, and observed by a rational thinker to not be true. This is true because deceptive idea claiming to be truth would be observed as doubtful or cannot be taken as the truth for they contradict other ideas or righteous understanding that are valid to be taken as to be true.

Now, if two ideas are taken into account to be true yet one cannot overthrow the other such as an unbreakable stalemate of debate, then how can a person sincere for the absolute truth choose one side over the other when both viewpoints are equal as far as appearing valid viewpoints? Also, how can one impartially tell who is telling the truth above a stalemate of equal arguments of validity? Therefore, when different beliefs from philosophy, religions, even ideologies conflict to become inconsistent with each other, then all can and should come to the common understanding that all individuals do desire in essence to simple live in peace and happiness free from persecution from others. Then all should consider this strategy for peaceful coexistence such as to live and let live such as I will not persecute my neighbors’ way of life or lifestyle as I would like for my neighbors to not persecute my way of life and lifestyle. Therefore, this universal concept for to simple live in peace is called mutual assured survival against social oppression, crime, and hatred.

Base upon the idea of mutual assured survival or the nature of everything is to maintain existence or to live, then one would discover that there are basically only two groups of destructive behavior against others of the community that can be legislated as universal constants applicable unto all humans consistent with justice and equality. These groups are crime and oppression the two basic groups of humanitarian injustice of illegal behavior which transcend time and space.

As dictated by the dynamics of creation such as Humanitarian Justice, the only ideas that qualify as true humanitarian crimes which transcend time and space are basically seven categories such as violence, vandalism, theft, harassment, negligence, fraud, and public violations. Once these categories of crimes have been scientific or physically established to be absolutely physically destructive to society such as violence, vandalism, theft, harassment, negligence, fraud, and public violations, then for an individual to be denied the human right, to commit an act which is not a humanitarian crime against the rights of others, by the government or social establishment is called oppression. Social oppression then becomes acts such as discrimination, moral tyranny, censorship, preventive injustice, and abuse of authority perpetrated by military, law enforcement, and violent hypocritical citizens of the community.

Of the many different peoples of humanity concerning human and social classification, a perfect humanitarian coalition, yet a union perpetual forever, against psychological forces of dividing and conquering must be established and maintained from the beginning, doing the middle, and at the end to fulfill perfect humanitarian objectives. The following social classifications are just a few for legitimate or complete humanitarian believers such as believers of righteousness consistent with righteous judgement as dictated by all righteous principles. This statement includes the concept of above morality and functional solutions above relative moral hypocrisy and dilemmas of inequity even cruelty. Again, legitimate humanitarians and believers in righteousness must understand the following information of this text in order to be successful for establishing and protecting his or her individual human freedom with any given group of people for there is strength in numbers. All of the following walks of life must have no animosity or hatred between one another in order to be functionally upon one accord against common enemies or opposers against Humanitarian Justice such as the Perfect Law of the land in spite of what may seem to be perverted condolences of human behavior yet to persecute the perverted or so-called perverted is but a form of inner ideological emotional perversion of itself which is hypocrisy against perfect righteous which may seem evil but is determined not to be evil or wicked at all.

The following definitions of different human existence, communities, walks of life, and lifestyles are stated plainly to define the diversity of human existence for all humanitarians to know and to accept others as they are without animosity whose human behavior is neither criminal nor oppressive in nature. These definitions are so to lay an absolute foundation of which any given enemy of social supremacy cannot put hateful ideas in the minds of genuine humanitarians to divide and conquer humanitarian unity forever. Even if some people may never unite or even shall fall away from humanitarian unity, I will state this without doubt for the Almighty Truth’s sake that genuine humanitarians can never be divided and conquered as far as faith goes when survival is a dilemma against humanitarians such as the hatred of the community against perfect human rights of justice and equality even as it may be so that the enemy may have more weapons for controlling the land than those who are sincere for a perfect legal system without moral hypocrisy.

The definition of Race or Ethnicity is the diversity of human physical biological appearance dealing with physical features such as eyes, noses, lips, hair, skin color, etc. in reference to genetic traits such as African, European, and Asiatic appearance of people.

The definition of Nationality is the diversity of social establishments of humans or people of different nations divided by federal governments ruling the law of the land independent of each other and each other’s authorities.

The definition of Religion and Spirituality is the diversity of human understanding whether spiritual facts or opinions concerning the absolute and relative ideas of things and beings that are invisible or incorporeal and any idea or behavior that may be express or manifested based upon faith subject to be real or not with or without proof in reference to physical existence or rational understanding such as psychological forces of emotions and thoughts that are intangible and not physical yet do exist.

The definition of Culture is the diversity of human existence of which any given walk of life may express the feelings and ideas of their inner selves in an array of artistic forms and behaviors.

The definition of Politics is the idea of human political understanding concerning functional political social systems which should be justice and equality for all walks of life such as Humanitarian Justice against all forms of social supremacy and crime such as an aristocracy, oligarchy, dictatorship, organize crime organizations, mafia gangsters, economic corruption, and religion corruption as well.

The definition of Economic Class is the diversity of financial standards for different walks of life in any given economic system for people who may be considered rich, middle class, or poor.

The definition of Educational Level is the diversity of human existence of which different humans who have different levels of education, knowledge, wisdom, comprehension, and understanding of the universe and the diversity of any given subject.

The definition of Livelihood and Social Function is the diversity of social behavior for human individuals to acquire a living or way of life such as a job or any means of survival such as to maintain biological existence through means that are not humanitarian crime or oppression against human rights.

The definition of Sexuality is the erotic behavior of any individual for the sake of reproduction or fulfilling pleasure be it with other humans, inanimate objects, animals, fornication, matrimonial, heterosexual, homosexual, or even the concept of sex with oneself such as masturbation.

The definition of Marriage, Civil Unions, or Survival Agreements is the diversity of any given walk of life of which humans commit themselves to one another for life or temporary for the sake of feelings, economic, religious, political, or other reasons.

The definition of Gender is the diversity of sex organs of human existence such as male, female, and hermaphrodites from an given walk of life or human community.

The definition of Age, which can be any unite of measurement such as years, cycles of the moon, or any time frame, and Maturity, or level of maturity, is the diversity of any given walk of life in reference to the age level of individuals from what may be considered young unto what may be considered old. Furthermore, the definition of a grownup or adult is and should be based upon functional dynamics such as marriage and paying taxes equals the right to vote of any age, and stealing, robbing, and killing equals the jail and capital punishment of any age. In essence, a grownup is what a grownup achieves or does in behavior for good or evil.

The definition of the Disabled, Mentally Oppressed, and Diseased is the diversity of any given walk of life of which people of physical or mental disabilities are dealing with biological dilemmas even medical issues that comes in many ways shape and forms throughout all human communities.

The definition of Art, Creativity, and Entertainment is the diversity of human existence and expressions of ideas and feelings through music, pictures, verbal speeches, etc for the sake of conveying the inner existence of a human phenomenon.

The definition of Fashion is the diversity of human existence to human individuals of any given walk of life to dress in any way as he or she desire even to be without clothing all together.

The definition of Beautification is the diversity of any given walk of life for human individuals to make himself or herself attractive to himself or herself even others for the sake of self-esteem even to attract a potential mate for romance.

The definition of Personality is the diversity of accent or dialect, or any principle of human psychology including accent or dialect concerning language arts and communication of any form of human mentality or character expression such as how a person may think, feel, talk, or move with jesters in reference to social interactions of which such behavior is not humanitarian crime or social oppression against others human rights.

The definition of Biological Dynamics and Chemistry is the diversity of any given walk of life of which the individuals have different biological chemistry or genes for human physiology. Such biological differences may be reflected in the form of human appearance such as athletic, obesity, underweight, short, tall, or any excessively large or small body parts or features and also different body chemistry dealing with foods, medicine, drugs, and recreational substances.

The definition of Personal Happiness is the diversity of human existence concerning the thing and behavior that people do to make themselves happy in life for their personal existence or personal reasons including hobbies or recreation.

The definition of Morality is the sense of human consciousness of which people may live by according to their moral sense of right or wrong in reference to human belief and behavior as long as their sense of morality is not a humanitarian crime or social oppression of freedom against others.

The definition of Equal Civil Rights and Civil Liberties is the nature of dealing with the different legal matters and social functions of a social establishment which should be fair as far as legality and systematic operations for all of its citizens.

These definitions, which are the basic definitions consistent with any unmentioned definitions in this text, are stated for all to know and understand such as these behaviors of human existence and walks of life, from many communities, are not wrong in the sense of being a humanitarian crime. Therefore any type of animosity against such people is the product of hatred as it will be judged or determined by the thoughts of the Almighty Truth. This is so because hatred is defined as detestation without justification. Considering this, thus the only justification for someone to have a legal right to be angry with someone else is when the person in question is guilty of wrongdoing such as crime or oppression against the angry victim. In conclusion, as objective rational understanding goes concerning unbiased and functional psychology, people who are the way that they are, such as to be called different, should not be hated with social bigotry from social supremacist or society just because they are different people be they saints, sinners, so-called sinners, or simply righteous believers. Furthermore, even if people with a basic or incomplete understanding of Humanitarianism, as far as ideas and feelings of psychology goes, then we as good citizens of society can still work as one accord against any form of social injustice that is without doubt absolutely evil such as real crime, real oppression, and real supernatural or paranormal iniquity. It is the perfect will of righteousness to fulfill itself against all unrighteousness and it’s will of true wrongdoings, of any kind against others, that is doing real physical injury and death unto their victim’s bodies and conscious which is the soul.