The Almighty Truth

The Past, Present, And Future Forever Indeed

About me, I am just an ordinary guy trying to enjoy life like we all are trying to do. I have some college education. The rest of what I know comes from self education and discovery of new ideas. This is done with research, thinking and meditation, and experimentation when necessary or able to do so. I work alone a lot. But welcome co-workers to help whenever I meet those of common objectives. However, my best colleagues are those of good business customer services, great thinkers, teachers, librarians, and good neighbors of enlightening conversations.

A Diagram of social unity, justice, and Equality.



The Almighty truth is an ideology that has been in development in me for decades. Its purpose is to answer all questions of the universe by uniting all ideas upon one accord unto an infallible alliance of different beliefs.  Once more thoroughly completed, all problems will be solved whether philosophical, scientific, religious, social, or personal.


Below is the sign for mutual assured survival unto righteous judgment. Basically it means do not kill me and I won't kill you. Help me please and I will help you indeed.