The Almighty Truth

The Past, Present, And Future Forever Indeed

Humanitarian Unity

Basic Humanitarian Justice

This chapter explains the nature of the Creator of righteous principle, attributes and dynamics from basic to advance understanding.

This chapter explains the righteous principles of the Almighty Truth. It also reflects the essence of the universe from which all things come from. There are other righteous principles and ideas of creation not mentioned on this page. This information is subject to be published later.

This chapter explains the perfect law of the land for all nations and humanity forever.

What is new on this website as of July 1, 2018. The entire site as newly published to the world.

This chapter demonstrates the essence of how all human beings should be as nonviolent love towards their neighbors. This means to accept others as they are whether considered attractive or repugnant of looks or behavior. If their looks or behavior is not hostile against another, whether joyous or gross in nature, then such people have a right to survive in peace. This mean to be able to live their victimless lifestyle without persecution from others of the community or governments.


This chapter demonstrates the four basic though patterns that the conscious of intelligent beings reason with. However, there is another chapter called The Fundamentals of Reasoning partially written and unpublished.

Start Up Of The Almighty Truth

This chapter defines the freedom rights of all intelligent beings of the Earth and beyond. It may appear to be weird to give intelligent rights to entities we have never seen yet. But a lot of science fiction has became science reality. This is what ultra psychology does as to think beyond the ordinary into the extra ordinary including the existence of other universes be they literal or theoretical.

The Secret Weapon of the Almighty Truth deployed with pure justice as justice is the secret of the universe. Laws rule all things seen and unseen.

This chapter explains what a Righteous Believer and Doer is. There are more than one standard of being a Righteous Believer. The ultimate level, which is the same as the lowest level, is simply not to do another wrong in spite of personal moral dilemmas.

The Almighty Truth was first conceived to save souls. However because of the hypocritical iniquity of mental and some physical persecution disguised as trials unto tribulations for decades of long suffering, the Spirit of my faith elaborated this black and gold book to be used as a weapon first. I am divinely instructed to enforce the wrath of the Creator Almighty first, then, to salvage souls second with resurrection if they repent from the guilt of being on the wrong side of debate. This faith is the same as the psychology of military personnel. When they discovered that the scientists were close to splitting the atom, they took over the works and made it into a ruthless bomb before making nonviolent nuclear energy. I feel the same way of learning from my teachers to make their works invincible above millenniums of irrational hatred.

The Fundamentals of Truth

Righteous Believers

The Eternal Freedom Rights of

Intelligent Beings